Friendly Cloud Platform


Bettergy is a leading cleantech start-up that leverages energy data to deliver insights and energysaving recommendations, turning data into actionable savings using its energy efficiency software platform EnergySequence.

Their present market focus is in digitizing the solar experience, allowing renewable energy developers, corporates and energy retailers alike assess their photovoltaic solar potential, then engineer installations, finally track and monitor performance. 

Bettergy was running services in different environments. The main one was on-premises and the rest of them in a VPS hosted in OVH. That set up was good at the beginning, but they began to suffer when scaling was required, especially in the on-premises environment because more servers should be added. Therefore, they decided to go to the cloud.



The main part of the project was to move the on-premises environment to the cloud. Due to they were already working with OVH, we decided to take their Managed Kubernetes Service in order to build a friendly cloud platform for Bettergy’s tech team. Applications were not cloud-native, therefore they had to be adapted in order to take advantage of the benefits of running on the cloud.


We wanted to provide an easy-to-maintain kubernetes environment without losing reliability and scalability, so we took a GitOps approach, where the definition of the infrastructure will be saved into a git repository. This repository will be watched by a software which is installed into the kubernetes cluster and will be the responsible of keeping the desired state on it. We implemented GitOps using Flux because the tool is really easy to use and its behaviour is reliable.


Unfortunately, Bettergy’s VPS was destroyed during the fire of OVH Strasbourg data center, but at the moment the platform was already built, so we directly put the VPS’s services into. Services were re-established just a few hours after the fire started.

Finally, all the on-premises services and data were moved to the cloud and Bettergy’s team could being to completely work with an unified and friendly environment with the capacity to scale and self-heal.